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Rating Products

Open Project

Business Problem

People often look at the average user rating of a product before buying it online

Let's take an average. For example 4.764925.

This is a preferable, important indicator. But we may be missing the latest trend in products. Positive or negative trends in the presentation or use of the product may lose their impact.

This project involves a study on how to calculate the most accurate score for a product by making various evaluations on the scores given to a product

For example, if a product received very high ratings in its first three months, it may have the same weight as others and thus miss the recent trend of liking it more or liking it less.

Dataset Info


Feature Definition
Rating Course Rating Score
Timestamp Vote Time
Enrolled Enrollment Time
Progress Course Completion Rate
Questions Asked How many questions asked
Questions Answered How many of the questions he asked were answered




01-user-time-weighted-product-score.ipynb - User & Time Weighted Product Score Calculation Notebook

02.1-sorting-udemy-courses.ipynb - Sorting Udemy Courses Notebook

02.2-sorting-imdb-movies.ipynb - Sorting IMDB Movies Notebook

03-sorting-reviews.ipynb - Sorting Reviews Notebook

04-amazon-rating-product-sorting-reviews.ipynb - Rating Product & Sorting Reviews in Amazon


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