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FLO CLTV Predicion

Open Project

Business Problem

FLO is a large e-commerce site in Turkey.

FLO wants to determine a roadmap for its sales and marketing activities.

In order to plan for the medium to long term, the company needs to estimate the potential value that existing customers will provide to the company in the future.

Dataset Info

Total Features: 12

Total Row: 19.945

Feature Definition
master_id Unique Customer Number
order_channel Which channel of the shopping platform is used (Android, IOS, Desktop, Mobile)
last_order_channel The channel where the most recent purchase was made
first_order_date Date of the customer's first purchase
last_order_channel Customer's previous shopping history
last_order_date_offline The date of the last purchase made by the customer on the offline platform
order_num_total_ever_online Total number of purchases made by the customer on the online platform
order_num_total_ever_offline Total number of purchases made by the customer on the offline platform
customer_value_total_ever_offline Total fees paid for the customer's offline purchases
customer_value_total_ever_online Total fees paid for the customer's online purchases
interested_in_categories_12 List of categories the customer has shopped in the last 12 months




FLO_CLTV_Prediction.ipynb - CLTV with BG/NBD & GammaGamma Notebook - CLTV with BG/NBD & GammaGamma Python Script


Oğuz Erdoğan


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