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Amazon Rating Product & Sorting Reviews

Open Project

Business Problem

One of the most important problems in e-commerce is the correct calculation of the points given to the products after the sale.

The solution to this problem means more customer satisfaction for the e-commerce site, product prominence for sellers and a smooth shopping experience for buyers.

Another problem is the correct ranking of the comments given to the products. Since the prominence of misleading reviews will directly affect the sales of the product, it will cause both financial loss and customer loss.

In solving these 2 basic problems, e-commerce sites and sellers will increase their sales while customers will complete their purchasing journey smoothly.

Dataset Info


Total Features: 12

Total Row: 4915

Feature Definition
reviewerID User ID
asin Product Id
reviewerName User Name
helpful Earnings from purchased products
reviewText Useful review rating
overall Product rating
summary Review Summary
unixReviewTime Review Time (UNIX)
reviewTime Review Time
day_diff Number of days since review
helpful_yes Number of times the review was found helpful
total_vote Number of votes for review




01-user-time-weighted-product-score.ipynb - User & Time Weighted Product Score Calculation Notebook

02.1-sorting-udemy-courses.ipynb - Sorting Udemy Courses Notebook

02.2-sorting-imdb-movies.ipynb - Sorting IMDB Movies Notebook

03-sorting-reviews.ipynb - Sorting Reviews Notebook

04-amazon-rating-product-sorting-reviews.ipynb - Rating Product & Sorting Reviews in Amazon


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