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AB Testing

Open Project

Business Problem

A fast food chain is planning to add a new product to its menu.

They are undecided about three possible marketing campaigns to promote this new product.

To determine which promotion has the greatest impact on sales, the new product is promoted in several randomly selected convenience stores.

With these promotions in different locations, the weekly sales of the new product are recorded for the first four weeks.

Evaluate the results of the A/B test and decide which marketing strategy works best.

Dataset Info

Total Features: 7

Total Row: 548

Feature Definiton
MarketID Unique market id
MarketSize Market Size
LocationID Unique store location
AgeOfStore Age of Store
Promotion Type of promotion tested
week One of the four weeks when promotions are managed
SalesInThousands Sales Amount




ab-testing.ipynb - AB Test Project with proportion Z test.

ab-testing-anova.ipynb - AB Test Project with ANOVA


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